Free Marketing Course – YouTube

Why YouTube?

  • YouTube is the second largest social networking (behind Facebook) and search engine (behind Google) in the world
  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  • YouTube as a platform generates billions of views per day
  • YouTube is owned by Google so it has a higher search engine ranking

The same optimisation techniques I talked about on Instagram can be applied here where necessary: Free Marketing Course – Optimise Your Instagram, but I will be adding a bit more on the matter.


A playlist is another great way to boost your SEO ranking on Google searches. This is because you add keywords in the title and description. If you’re just starting your YouTube channel and haven’t got any videos to upload yet, you can easily make a playlist with videos related to what your channel is about. For example, if you’re starting a fitness page, you can make a playlist of “The Best Workout Songs” to get you started.

How to share a YouTube playlist to view or collaborate

Featured Videos

Adding a featured video to your page is also another great way to get more views and entice more people to subscribe to your channel, as this would be the first video people see (this video is played automatically when someone visits your page). You can add a featured video by clicking on the “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” button on your YouTube page.

Youtube Featured Video and YouTube Trailer Video - What Is The Difference?  - YouTube

There’s also some information here: Free Marketing Course – Facebook Page Guide that can be applied here to optimise your YouTube page.

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