Free Marketing Course – YouTube SEO

I want to make this as concise as possible, but before we start. here are some stats as to why YouTube is so powerful:

  • 70% of All web traffic comes from video
  • YouTube reaches more US adults ages 13-34 than any cable network
  • Search Engines favours videos over content in written form


  • Keep them short and to the point – Less than 10 words (under 100 characters).
  • Users numbers if you can (actionable steps).
  • Add most important keyword to title.


  • At least 150 words.
  • Have targeted in keywords in first 150-160 characters (this is part of Google search meta description).
  • Call-to-action (CTA) and first link after 160 characters.
  • Finish description with links to other services and social accounts.
  • Try to use the whole description adding additional information about the video. Using relevant keywords to boost SEO ranking.

Description Layout

  1. First 160 characters (search engine meta description).
  2. CTA – Link.
  3. 1000-3000 characters of more information about your video, brand, services, products, etc.
  4. Resource link (provide value from outside source).
  5. More relevant links to your website.
  6. (Follow us) Social media links .


YouTube allows 500 characters in the tag section, so make sure you use up all the characters. Here are different types of tags:

  • Specific Tags: e.g. “How to chose a domain name” (whole sentence).
  • Single Word Tags “Football.”
  • Use a common or unique tag (your brand name).

Video Thumbnail

You can use Canva to create a YouTube thumbnail as Canva supplies ready made templates. Make sure to always include text in your image on your video topic incase it gets shared.

Audience Retention

How long people spend watching is the most important ranking factor for YouTube. A great way to this is in the opening seconds of the video. Outline what is coming in the video before it actually starts. This gives people more incentive to watch on as they would want to see these topics in full.

Tell Your Audience What to Do Next

Always end your video with a CTA! This should be a no brainer. You can also use cards and add an end screen, which I’ve talked about here: Free Marketing Course – How to Grow Your YouTube

General Tips

  • Make sure your subtitles are on (YouTube can generate this for you)
  • Blast It Early on every social media account, JUST SHARE!

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