Free Marketing Course – SEO Extra

The best way to get success online is by combining Search Engine Optimisation and User Engagement Optimisation.

Before Google’s SEO algorithm evolved, search engine ranking was heavily reliant on keywords and backlinks. NOWADAYS, Google’s search engine ranking cares more about high-quality content, user engagement (time spent on site), social media shares/backlinking, as well as traditional SEO methods.

How to Increase SEO Ranking

1.. Answer Questions

“How to,” “Where can,” etc. Are probably the most searched type of questions on Google. If you can provide substance on topics within your niche people want to find the answer to, it’ll be a great way to keep people coming to your site, further boosting your SEO ranking.

2.. Use Videos

  • More than half of web traffic is from video
  • Video content is shared TWICE as often as other content

You can easily repurpose one of your blog posts in video format, then backlink to the original post in the description of your YouTube channel.


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