Learning Difficulties or Learning Differences?

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the phrase “One size fits all,” but how we can apply that to education is beyond belief.

Learning Styles

VARK – Visual, Aural, Read/Write & Kinesthetic. The categorisation of the learning style VARK created by Neil Flemming is the most popular to date. The VARK test helps students understand what their learning preference is to build on their academic achievements.

VARK | a guide to learning styles
VARK acronym

VARK and other learning styles have come under criticism from educational psychologists as they claim there is little evidence for this. Psychologist Kris Vasquez going as far as to say “that the use of learning styles in the classroom could lead students to develop self-limiting implicit theories about themselves.”

But isn’t our archaic education system doing this exact thing?

Everyone Learns Differently

A quote by leading scientist Susan Greenfield states: “Humans have evolved to build a picture of the world through our senses working in unison,” and I agree. But as humans, we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Caleb who struggled in a classroom began to excel thanks to the “Hands On Learning” programme at school

Take Caleb in the video above, it is not that his other senses do not get utilised in his learning, but his strength is at the forefront of it. Which, in turn, raises the level of his others through his preferred learning style, being kinesthetic in his case.

As a society, we have advanced so much. Yet, the continuation of jeopardising forwarding thinking for the next generation is not only criminal. But more harmful to the “system” the higher-ups want to keep us in.

Every student can achieve if put in their correct framework. However, the “one size fits all framework” shatters individualism, which could potentially help the masses.

Advice to teachers from students


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  1. interesting article 🙂


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