Day 1 – Very First Video Game

Since I’ve finished my ‘Free Marketing Course,’ I decided to show my gaming section some love and do a 30 Day Video Game Challenge! I will add the image I’m using for this challenge in case you want to try it too, but time for the first question!

My first game was Space Invaders on Playstation One.

Most people’s first console was assuredly the PlayStation One, and this was one of the two games I had. The other game I had was James Bond: The World Is Not Enough, and I STRUGGLED with that game, so I spent most of my time on Space Invaders (I can honestly say I was terrible at games when I was younger lol).

On top of that, my Mum wasn’t typically keen on buying me games, and I don’t think the money was around to be buying me games like that. But I would have appreciated more than TWO games on PlayStation One lol.

The amount of hours I spent on this game is CRAZY. No lie, I probably have the unofficial record of hours played on this. I even feel so old saying this lol. The fact that this game was in its PRIME when I was young says a lot. But here is some gameplay footage for people who do not know this game below.

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