Day 2 – Your Favourite Video Game Character (Part Two)

I did answer the question in my last post, which you can read here: Day 2 – Your Favourite Video Game Character, but I thought I would make a part two since my first answer might not count in some people’s eyes.

My favourite character derived directly from a video game would be none other than the God of Way himself. Kratos.

It looks like Kratos is joining Fortnite's latest season •
Kratos (God of War)

What a legendary character from a legendary franchise. I’m sure every gamer

YES! The pain, but let me explain lol. The past that torments him is what makes him Kratos, that no-nonsense demeanour he carries is commendable, and it’s almost like you can feel his strength just of his demeanour alone. Adding to the point on his pain, it’s relatable. Not entirely relatable as I have not slaughtered my whole family (I don’t even have a girlfriend), but the pain itself is something I can relate to, having it cloud over your mind and trouble you in your everyday life, so I personally appreciated how strong he was considering everything, and not just physically.

The Ghost of Sparta is a true icon, and I can’t wait to play the upcoming God of War!

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