Day 6 – Most Annoying Video Game Character

I thoroughly looked through my collection on this one because I honestly couldn’t think of a video game character that annoyed me. EVEN after doing that, I still couldn’t think of a person. But then, a name popped into my mind, and I honestly couldn’t believe this person did not jump out as soon as I saw this question.

A guy from a game that was the last of its kind. And probably the best version of it too. It is none other than Isaac Frost from Fight Night Champion.

ale bym se pogral w taki fight night champion na... - medix -

For those of you who have played Fight Night Champion, you know why Isaac Frost is my choice. That last fight in the story mode will have you STRESSED OUT!

For those of you, who don’t know, Isaac Frost is basically a freak of nature. A virtually invincible character who is wiping the floor with everyone in the heavyweight division. In Fight Night Champion, you are playing as Andre Bishop, who wants to avenge his brothers crushing defeat to Isaac Frost, in which you spend most of the fight SURVIVING! Before the fight becomes a fair and “normal” one.

I swear down, it took me three days to complete this one single fight lol. I couldn’t even tell you the relief I felt when you get to the slow-motion part and finally knock him out. It was such a pleasurable feeling.

Here’s a video of someone making “light work” of Isaac Frost, but that is far from the truth lol. You can watch so many rage videos on this one fight lol.

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