Day 11 – Gaming System of Choice

Ok ok. I need a story for this one.

So I started on the PlayStation One and moved on to the PlayStation 2, the greatest console of all time (argue with yourself). Naturally, I was going to get the PlayStation 3, but I saw an ad on TV for Saints Row for the Xbox 360 (I thought it was an exclusive), and I was sold.

From then on, I have been an Xbox guy. I then went on to buy the Xbox One, which I’m not going to lie, I have mostly used for its entertainment purposes. But with all that being said, what is my system of choice?

Well, right now, it’s the PlayStation 2. I decided to go back because all my Xbox friends transitioned to PlayStation 4 (PS4) and left me by myself. So it was pretty pointless playing online by myself, so I decided to go back to a time where playing online didn’t matter at all.

I will say this though, I will always be an Xbox guy. I’ve even started to rebuild my collection on Xbox 360, completing a couple of games. Eventually buying a PS4 to play some exclusives, re-buy a Nintendo Wii, and eventually buy the PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, and Nintendo Switch, becoming an all-around gaming guy (with Xbox being my main console). I mean, isn’t that the perfect world for a gamer?

P.S. Yes, I did skip a question again. But I’m qualified to answer on best gameplay yet.

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