Navigating the Warzone We Call Dating As A Man





Ok. I don’t know how long this is going to be because this is straight off the head, and I don’t even think the title of this post encompasses what this whole post will be, but it’s still relevant enough.

Before I start, I just want to say I am not complaining. I am just stating what it is. As men, you can’t “really complain,” ESPECIALLY when it comes to women. One of my favourite quotes is: “You don’t ask the fish how to catch a fish you ask the fisherman.” To all the guys out there, never ask a woman for dating advice. They will probably tell you shit like “Open up, be sensitive” and all that crap. They’re just telling you shit that is “politically correct” but will inertially make you more unattractive to them. That “toxic masculinity” that women complain about seems to work wonders on them.

Women will talk about Russel Wilson and how well he treats Ciara (and he still gets clowned by the way), but when describing their ideal man, you basically Future.

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We’ve all heard the phrase “Nice guys finish last” and “Women love the bad boys.” And both of those phrases aren’t as literal as they’ve been perceived

Nice guy: You can be a “nice guy,” in fact, you should be a “nice guy,” but you should always put whatever you’re striving towards first. Never ever ever put a woman on a pedestal. That means stopping everything you’re doing ALL THE TIME to tend to her. I was going to go on, but it basically boils down to doing the most for and to her all the time, to the point where it seems like you have fuck all going on for yourself. That is a definition of a simp.

Bad boy: The misconception here is that women like men treating them like shit (which it seems like). It’s not about these type of man treating women like shit. It’s that they don’t put them on a pedestal. It’s because they treat the women they deal with as if she is not important, giving women the impression that they have more important things going on, making them alluring, therefore, making them more attractive.

The dating climate for men right now is worse than hell. All people care about today in relationships (if you can call it that anymore) is being in a position of power, so if something does go wrong, they can leave happily. Whilst leaving the other person in tatters. There’s also this versus battle women have created against men, which in a sense makes sense. I mean, if you have been given the short straw for the longest time, you’re bound to get fed up. But with women, it’s not even about attacking the problem. It’s just about attacking men.

I don’t really get into all of that, but I understand. I live in the UK, which I couldn’t give two fucks about. But best believe if an American starts chatting shit about where I live I will do the same back lol. It’s just human nature.

The modern woman outside dating and relationships is what a woman should be. And even though there’s still strides to be made, women can be bosses, have their own shit, and can get their own bag, but the modern woman when it comes to relationships/dating wants to have their cake and eat it too, and it doesn’t work like that.

This goes back to what I was saying about the versus thing between men and women. Women have no problem saying what they want from men, or how a man should be. Women have no problem stating how men feel, should feel, or how they should do things. Women have no problem stating the physical characteristics they expect from men (which are usually stuff they can’t change), etc. But let a man say ONE THING, and he is now a villain.

I have to remember Twitter isn’t real life, but from the majority of stuff I see there from women, men have been reduced to bank accounts. Women want men to uphold “their gender role,” which is fine. But want to pick and chose on their own. Please don’t misconstrue this for women should stay in the kitchen narrative because I don’t believe that, but as I said before, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Women are smart, mostly hypocritical (sorry, it’s Twitter), but extremely smart. When it comes to relationships/dating, how can you expect someone to uphold certain values/traditions that you don’t even live up to yourself? I don’t understand.

This comes back to my question of how to navigate the dating world as a man. And really, you have two options.

  1. Don’t
  2. Be on your shit

Be on your shit? What do you mean by that? Well, a lot of women do shit for validation. Create arguments for no reason to validate they can get under your skin. Throw mini manipulation tantrums (“have fun”) to get you wrapped around their finger, etc. When I say be on your shit, I really mean just that. Make sure whatever you’re trying to achieve is number one, be assertive and considerate in your decisions, don’t entertain her theatrics, etc. Basically, be a rock.

The same way women have their friendships groups, men should have that too. If you need to get some things off your chest properly. Go talk to one of your guy friends to help you, or go to therapy. But come home and be the rock she needs for her and your family (if you get there).

You’ll get better advice from your male friends anyway. Women tend to just validate whatever bullshit you feed them without evaluating both sides.

Personally, a lot of women are not worth the risk in so many aspects. Of course, there are women I don’t know and would need to get to know, but there’s probably only two I would actually want to date, and the main reason is I know I can comfortably be me, in addition to the fact she isn’t like the “Twitter warriors.” For the guys out there that have a good woman, and I’m talking real good (basically the opposite of everything I’ve been saying here), don’t go fucking around and mess up what you have because you’ll most probably never find it again.

It’s terrible how you have to change yourself to get any result in this dating climate because the game will play you instead of the other way around. HOW DID THIS WHOLE THING TURN INTO A GAME LOL. It’s honestly such a chore if you’re not naturally like that, and I would honestly rather not play.

The streets are not it. Trust me

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