Friday 23rd July 2021

Just like High Performance Habits, it’s been an eternity since I’ve last written on this section of my blog. To be honest with you, I’ve grown back to a place I don’t really like sharing like that. I’m not as emotionally impulsive as back then, and I think I’m coming to terms that no one really cares for me like that anyway, so what’s the point.

Updates since 2019… Well, I got a job in Marketing finally… Can’t really think of anything else.

Nah, seriously. My life is literally that boring. Nothing worthwhile happens like that in this story of mine, which brings me to a recent thought I’ve been having, which is uni is fake.

Before uni, my life was what it was. Going into uni everything got turned upside down, and it really gasses you up. The thing is, uni is a bubble. It’s not real life. The minute I finished uni and went back home, I came straight back to reality. I’m not “that guy,” I’m not the life of the party, I’m not loved like the “popular kids,” and I’m sure not that either.

Living that life in that bubble and coming back home, you think it’ll continue, but when reality starts to hit you, you begin chasing. Chasing something that was never real.

For example, Why the fuck did I think I could get girls outside uni because I did whilst at uni when I never did beforehand?

The point is, it’s important to know your place in life. Not to say it cannot change, but at this moment in time, I’m the guy that is alone. The guy with a few close friends where we speak from time to time. The guy that hardly gets invited anywhere. The guy that gets flaked on most of the time. The guy that isn’t supported & loved like the other kids. The guy that is not gyaldem suga.

And that’s fine.

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