Top 10 Tracks Right Now (+1)

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Yes, I know, it’s a been a long time. But hopefully you might hear a couple of things you like hear to add to your playlist. Let’s get it cracking!

11. Dexta Daps – Breaking News

Would you believe me if I said I only just listened to this yesterday? I don’t even listen to Dexta Daps (even though I know of him), but this is a banger!

10. Dave (feat. Stormzy) – Clash

You see when this first came out, it was on STRAIGHT repeat! I’ve rinsed this song out to the point I’m tired of it, but it still has to be in my top 10 for my recent wheel ups.

9. Post Malone – Motley Crew

This follows the same story as Clash lol, but Post Malone is tooooo elite. This guy always comes out with one. He always has another one up his sleeve, and I don’t know how he does it.

8. Dave – Twenty To One

This is probably the only other song I “like” from Dave’s new album, and I had this on repeat too, but I’m definitely not tired of this song though. I think this is a song for “those times,” and sonically it fits perfect for those mellow moments in your life. Great song.

7. Kranium – Gal Policy

If I made this post two weeks ago, this would probably be number one, but with not enough good music going around these days, this has been RINSED just like every other song on this list. Nonetheless, this is a song that grew on me, and boy did it grow on me.

6. Yung Bleu (feat. Drake) – You’re Mines Still

This is where it starts to get get, and this placement was definitely a hard decision, but I’ve gone with You’re Mines Still. I was pretty late jumping on the wave of this song, so it still feels pretty new me. Plus it’s easy to sing along to too.

5. Pop Smoke – AP

When I first heard this song I never liked it, but kept hearing and the hook got me lol. After that, the whole song got me. Even though this has been out for a little while I never liked it at first, so it’s basically a new song to me 🙂

4. Central Cee – Little Bit of This

RINSED AND REPEATED! The only reason it’s still high up is because it still have value to continue to be wheeled up. Central Cee hasn’t missed since he has come out.

3. Central Cee – Obsessed With You

This was another hard decision, but it’s Central Cee again for that third place spot. Definitely an unexpected sample, but this song is too short for my liking. Not even hitting two minutes kmt.

2. Tion Wayne (feat. Davido) – Who’s True

I had to wheel this song up a couple of times to truly appreciate it, but it has a permanent fixture in my current rotation. Jae5 absolutely killed this beat, Tion Wayne always gonna come with the flow, and Davido with that I’m Sprung melody on the chorus fits perfectly with the song. Definitely the stand out song from Tion Wayne’s new album Green With Envy

1. Ed Sheeran (feat. Tion Wayne & Central Cee) – Bad Habits

I don’t even know if this song is on streaming platforms (at least this version), but for some reason I keep going back to it to repeat it. I feel Ed Sheehan coulda had a verse on this too on a singing/rap vibe. Love the remix to this (defo better than the original).

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