Photo of the Day

If I was a woman and I had titties like this I’ll be topless all day.

E3 2019 – Microsoft

These are going to take a while because being the person I am I like to juggle too many things at one time, buuuutttttttt, we are back with the second conference of E3 being Microsoft! So let’s get into it. The conference started well in my opinion, and before watching a lot of people talked about…

Worst (meaning best) Video Game Villain/ Enemy/ Boss

Master Hand for me is by far the worst video game enemy I have ever faced in my entire life. I and my cousin struggled FOR DAYS ON END trying to beat a fucking hand. I’ve struggled with battles and bosses before, but this one is on another level that can’t be compared for me….

#BerryBars Vol. 3

Make sure to follow the Berry Instagram Page for more posts and updates Vol. 3 features the YouTuber JEMEL ONE FIVE. This one is more banter, but let’s see if you’ll find any of these to your liking lol. Tell me what you think about these pick up lines lol, and look out for…