SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Why am I only finding out about this today??? Sega has released a mini version of the 90’s heavyweight SEGA Mega Drive. I feel the console itself looks amazing, and it’s packaged with TWO CONTROLLERS! Which is a rarity. With 42 pre-loaded games, it seems to be variety packed with titles such as Street Fighter,…

How to Deal With Anxiety

Following up from my post on Why is Anxiety on the Rise? I thought it would be best to write about how to tackle Anxiety.   1. Learn to Say No It sounds easy, but can be really daunting at first. We often say “Yes” not to hurt people’s feelings or to make them like us, but…

Berry – Spot of the Month (October)

Just a quick update on the interview. Yes, I’ve sent the questions to my mum a long time ago, but to actually get her in one place for a while to carry it out is a different thing altogether (hence why there have been no Berry posts). Berry is still up and running though, and…

Why is Anxiety on the Rise?

Anxiety has become ever-present in today’s society. I think the awareness made in regards to mental health has aided to the fact people do have problems, making us more aware of the condition. But why the sudden rise in recent times?   1. Smartphones Everything now has become digital. Every event, update, TV show, etc….

Breathing Underwater

I keep my head below water whilst I still breathe Drowning in my sorrows whilst swimming at ease This deep water is blurring my vision, feeling like I’m stranded at sea But I still follow the path to shore I’m not sure that I’ll reach.   Every single day the water keeps rising And no…

NEW NEW MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, I just dropped a new song on SoundCloud and would appreciate if y’all could take a listen. I recorded this with earphones in my room, but I feel you’ll be surprised how it turned out, so yeah. Let me know what you think ☺️.  

Thursday 26th September 2019 (21:41)

How do you face your demons? Like, seriously. What is it that you have to do to overcome them? I’ve realised there’s things from my past that still linger, and I want to make peace with them, so if anyone knows how to deal with this then please help. Thank you.