Right? (Audio Poem)

The thing about poetry is you can write something so personal to you, but if you have a way with words it can be related with so many other people, which is mostly what I love about poetry, and what this poem is right here. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Link…

Modern Day Slaves (Audio Poem)

This is one of my most positively received poems on this page, and it’s was one of my first few, so it really gave me a boost at the time, so thank you to everyone who liked it 🙏🏽. I’ve been a bit ghost lately, so I have a hat-trick of audio’s for you guys…

Who is He? (Audio Poetry)

The second installment in this mini series. I hope you guys are enjoying so far 😊. Who is He? (Link to original post)

Bloom (Audio Poetry)

Audio this, audio that. I’m just creating new ways to get my content out differently. This is the first poem I wrote on this page, but hopefully, you would still enjoy it like it was something fresh 😊. Bloom (Link to original post)