Free (Audio Poem)

Another audio of my written poems, and to be honest with you… I still ain’t free.   Link to original post: Free  

Give No Take (Audio Poem)

Yoooooo!!!! I’m so excited because I upgraded the audio, and it sound sick!!! Anyway (coughs), this is actually one of my favourite poems I’ve written, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as I did. The link to the original post will be provided as usual, but here is the new and improved audio version 😊….

“F” Poem

Freaky Friday facing friendly faces flocking followers falling from forces, Forces from feeling forgetful. Forgetting familiar faces Forgetting family friendships Forging fantastic flashbacks for future forms.   Fantastic fun finding fools fond for flings Fruitful films from Friday’s flex.    


A light that deserves to shine But in each instance turns everyone blind What am I?  

Breathing Underwater

I keep my head below water whilst I still breathe Drowning in my sorrows whilst swimming at ease This deep water is blurring my vision, feeling like I’m stranded at sea But I still follow the path to shore I’m not sure that I’ll reach.   Every single day the water keeps rising And no…

B L A C K (Full Version)

It’s been a little while, so make sure to follow the Berry Instagram Page for the new new. Here is the poem in full. “Light skin or dark skinned Rich black or poor black Uptown or hood rat Just know you’re still black House slave or field slave Gold chains or no chains Toyota…

B L A C K – P A R T T W O

Make sure to follow the Berry Instagram Page for new posts and updates Let’s get into part two “You’re on the table with power, but don’t choose to use your voice Whilst there’s brothers in the field because they ain’t got a choice You’re in the jeweller buying jewels, but even if you freeze…