Bloom (Audio Poetry)

Audio this, audio that. I’m just creating new ways to get my content out differently. This is the first poem I wrote on this page, but hopefully, you would still enjoy it like it was something fresh šŸ˜Š. Bloom (Link to original post)   Advertisements

“D” Poem

Dark destiny drowning dudes Detaining damsels, dark distress. Dad did dumb deeds, don’t do dumb deeds Doing damage deepens damsels doubts Drags damsels deeper distressing. Damning dudes defining doubts Deeming dudes demons, Dreadful. Don’t display dickish deeds Don’t downplay dickish demeanours Don’t discern dipshit dudes Don’t destroy decent darlings.  

Demons & Angels

Dying to live, But living so dead Fighting an outside battle, But it’s a full blown war in the head There’s comfort in the thought that the demons will send them home to the angels At least then they can truly be laid to rest.

“C” Poem

Cars cramming cars, created crashes controlling commuters Cancellations come caving, catastrophe commences Cold calls coding, coordinating cruising commute Can’t cry, can’t cry, combustion cracking control crazy cats can’t contain civilians, choose control Cashing cheques, counting coins, catching cream can’t change Cool, calm, collected crazy commuters can’t come corrected. I’m starting to see that the further…


Our relationship is like a fire, slowly burning out Never lasts till the morning, our fire is burning out I guess with the sun rise we can see clearly now You become an old flame as the warmth you provided in the night turns cold as the early hours of winter time But what sparked…

“B” Poem

Big booty babes battling bad barbies Bad barbies battling big bachelors battles born by betrayal, but bred by bedrooms boredom breeds betrayal, but barley births babies bathing bodies burning baddest boys, bubbling bright bubbles, baking beautiful beginnings Birds being born, beings back busy, bridging back bridges Burying bad bodies, back being beautiful Bad breeds bad,…


You know the boys always been lost He’s just trying to find a home Heartache and pain is all he’s ever known He never knew where he would end up He’s always been left in the cold With every pit stop he attempted to make it home But the relationship goes flat, I guess they…

U & I

When I thought about you, I thought about us But just like with ‘US,’ ‘I’ wasn’t in the word Though there is a ‘U’ with something ‘I’ can do And even though I’m feeling you, I’m leaving us… But I ain’t leaving you

“A” Poem

I stumbled across a post of a poem where every single word started with a “W.” I wish I remembered her name or the post because I would link it here for you guys to check it out (but if I remember it later I will definitely link it so you guys can check it…

Life (Couldn’t Really Think of A Title)

I’ve always been lost, whilst chasing my dreams Wondering through my mind, plotting the best way to go But the journey has already started, so I couldn’t have planned where I’ve headed And the journey always going, so I can’t stop it for a second A bus ride of a life, where each stop is…