Qwhite Interesting Vol. 20

  Racism has been very rife in football recently (again), but did it really ever go away? The most high profile incident was when Raheem Sterling was racially abused last season at a game versus Chelsea. He later posted these images on his Instagram account of how the media play a part in it. Here…

Qwhite Interesting Vol. 18

You know when you watch something and it makes you all squeamish, this is definitely it. I don’t understand what would posses someone to do this, but hey. Another day in the life of Qwhite Interesting.

Qwhite Interesting Vol. 16

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this category, but it’s just coming across stories or posts which is the problem (because I don’t actually go and look for these things!). In Vol. 16 of Qwhite Interesting we have a man named Justin Schneider who in 2017 was arrested for kidnapping, strangling, AND THEN, sexually…

Qwhite Interesting Vol. 15

What goes through an individuals head to come up with these things and think it’s OK. Y’all really find new ways to outdo yourselves.

Qwhite Interesting Vol. 11

The headline is shit so let me explain a little bit about the case. The ‘white boy’ in question is Cameron Terrell who left his million dollar neighborhood to join the Crips. He was the driver for the gangs drive-by shooting, and although the 2 other black males who did the crime WITH HIM were…