Gummy Bear Full Movie!

This will be the last of these posts (I know you’ve loved them so much), but here’s the full movie right here to watch on my blog 😊


You can finally watch the movie on my IGTV in the link below! (and yes, I will keep being annoying about this) View this post on Instagram RETURN OF THE SHEMALE 2 IS NOW OUT!!! • • • Turn Your Phone To The Side For Best Viewing #Story #Instagram #Like #Stories #Follow #StoryTelling #InstaGood #Video…


I’ve finally finished the gummy bear movie I’ve been banging on about. Just a quick background story, I used to make gummy bear stories on my Snapchat story when I was in university. It’s been years since, but this is the sequel to the previous one. After this, I will be writing a series type…

My First (and only) Fight (Audio Story)

I’m not going to lie I think the written version makes this more interesting lol. But of course, it’ll always be linked, but here’s the audio version.   Link to original post: My First (and only) Fight