Day 30 – What Are The Top Things Someone In Your Field Should Know

Because I missed yesterday, I thought I’ll make up for it today. I could just tell you a couple of things, but I’ve got a WHOLE SECTION ON MY PAGE. Just click on the Life Journey section on my page, and you’ll find just about everything you need to know about marketing.  

Day 29 – What Product or Services Can You Review

I could review a product or service, but I don’t think that would be interesting. And to be honest with you. The only products and services I really use are my; laptop, phone, and the TFL (and don’t let me get started on that). So I’ve decided to review the thing I know most about,…

Gotta Go My Own Way (Audio Blog)

Hey guys, The audio is coming thick and fast, and my new having just been posted now (Gotta Go My Own Way). The link to the audio post is in my SoundCloud below, so hopefully y’all will enjoy.

Who is He? (Audio Poetry)

The second installment in this mini series. I hope you guys are enjoying so far 😊. Who is He? (Link to original post)

Bloom (Audio Poetry)

Audio this, audio that. I’m just creating new ways to get my content out differently. This is the first poem I wrote on this page, but hopefully, you would still enjoy it like it was something fresh 😊. Bloom (Link to original post)  

Day 27 – What Books Have You Read Recently

This question is a complete and utter myth. I think the last time I read a book was in 2012, and that was in school so it doesn’t even count. I even posted on Instagram last year that I was going to read this book that I bought yeaaaarrrrrsss ago. Ask me if I’ve even…

Day 26 – What Are Your Goals For the Week, Month, and Year

I’ve been wanting to put my goals on the wall, but there has been no ink in the printer, and I just haven’t bought it to print out the template thing (no excuses here). Those are more lifetime goals, but I can do a breakdown for what I want to do throughout this year. Week:…

Day 25 – Is There Anyone You Can Interview

Well, the answer to that question is you damn right I can. If you haven’t seen my post Really I’m the Plug Ep. 45 you should definitely check it out now because I’ve got the FIRST, an exclusive interview with the man himself, Dapper Daps. So let’s kick this off. Q: Who was the first…

Catching Feelings (Audio Blog)

Hey guys, This has been on my mind for a while now, but today is finally the day. I know there are people who prefer to listen than to read, so I’ve started an audio blog just for y’all 😊. I’ll be going through my posts starting from the beginning and basically narrating them, and…