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Things To Do Differently

I’ve had this title on my drafts for months now and to be honest there isn’t anything to say on it anymore. I’ve touched of this in many of my previous posts, and to keep it real with you, I’m going to be the same person anyway. We all evolve from what we already are,…


I’ve always realised this, but I’m sooooo different to everyone around me. I don’t know what it is, but everyone around me has such a different vibe to me; loud, energetic, talkative, (I could go on and on) and none of those are me lol. Even the people that are chilled like me are still…

Motivation #4

This is basically from 2:42 – 3:41 and it’s something I’m trying to figure out for myself. I thought I wouldn’t post in this category on my page again but I saw this episode again recently and it really resonated on how I feel right now plus, every little helps.