High Performance Habits (Elon Musk)

Each post on this section of my blog always takes sooo long after the last lol. But let me not lie, it’s probably going to continue like this. Anyway, the next person in High-Performance Habits is Elon Musk. In case you don’t know who he is (which I would find hard to believe), Elon Musk is the CEO…

Day 17 – Things That Make You Scared

To umbrella everything into one word, I would say uncertainty scares me. Not being sure of or on something leaves to much room for thoughts, which is where the fear comes from really. So to keep this short and sweet, it’s uncertainty…And bees.

L’s For December 2019

You know I almost forgot to update y’all. You know when I said in my November L’s I think nothing will happen in December (which was kinda true). Well, one thing did happen which imma leave here in its entirety for you to see. One big L for Osi in December 2019.

L’s For November 2019

What’s up to people. You’re probably expecting a flurry of risks and losses I’ve taken, but to be honest with you, I was bailing out on A LOT last month. But I did do something that I had needed to do for a while, to be honest, which was my first open mic! I don’t…

Friday 9th November 2018 (Fear)

I was in the studio this week to record an R&B track and I was so calm about it before stepping into the booth. Suddenly a heap of anxiety and fear overwhelmed me all because I was about to sing. I’m no Usher, but I can definitely hold a decent melody, and the fact I…