Throwback Songs of the Week

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Quote of the Day

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Day 25 – Is There Anyone You Can Interview

Well, the answer to that question is you damn right I can. If you haven’t seen my post Really I’m the Plug Ep. 45 you should definitely check it out now because I’ve got the FIRST, an exclusive interview with the man himself, Dapper Daps. So let’s kick this off. Q: Who was the first…

Motivation #9

Get it by all means. If you’re already at the bottom take that chance to live for more because, in the end, you’re still going to be back where you started so there’s really nothing to lose, but there’s definitely a lot to gain.

Top 10 Tracks (+ 2) Right Now #5

12. Dappy (feat. Ay Em) – Oh My I never liked this song when it came out I just thought it was ok, same generic shit that’s out right now you know. But it’s kind of grown me and to be honest it’s a kool come back song from Dappy.   11. THE CARTERS –…

My Top 6 Old School Classics

These are a compilation of old songs that are always on my go to list and can never get bored of ever. 1. Pharrell (feat. Jay-Z) – Frotin’ This was Pharrell at his best and the production on this just soooo smooth. Everything about this song fits together perfectly and it definitely holds my number…