L’s For December 2019

You know I almost forgot to update y’all. You know when I said in my November L’s I think nothing will happen in December (which was kinda true). Well, one thing did happen which imma leave here in its entirety for you to see. One big L for Osi in December 2019.

I’ve Turned Into One Of Those People (Audio Blog)

Don’y you hate slow replies. Well, I’ve joined the club (but I’m trying to change, I promise).   P.S. I couldn’t find the message lol. Link to original post: I’ve Turned Into One Of Those People

My Parents (Audio Blog)

Hey everyone, I’m a bit low on “mood” (which you will hear), but I’ll let the audio to the talking. Link to original post: My Parents

Waiting… (Audio Blog)

I guess this one speaks for itself. Everything is down below anyway.   Link to original post: Waiting…

My Life (Part Two) [Audio Blog]

You know I had to come back with Part Two, but if you haven’t listened to Part One, you can right here: My Life (Part One) [Audio Blog]   Link to original post: Photo(s) Of the Day (My Life)

My Life (Part One) [Audio Blog]

So soon? Yeah, I know. This Audio Blog is going to be quite different from my others as it’s derived from one of my ‘Photo of the Day‘ posts. With special help from Kanye and one of his many Twitter rants, I will go over a series of tweets that actually resonated with me. Also,…

L’s For November 2019

What’s up to people. You’re probably expecting a flurry of risks and losses I’ve taken, but to be honest with you, I was bailing out on A LOT last month. But I did do something that I had needed to do for a while, to be honest, which was my first open mic! I don’t…

L’s For October 2019

I started this to just do all things I’m scared to do, which also translates to “things I’ve been holding back from doing.” When the time finally came to start I didn’t feel it was worth doing anymore. Nonetheless, I still went forward and did what I have been holding off from doing, and I…

Thursday 26th September 2019 (21:41)

How do you face your demons? Like, seriously. What is it that you have to do to overcome them? I’ve realised there’s things from my past that still linger, and I want to make peace with them, so if anyone knows how to deal with this then please help. Thank you.