U & I (Audio Poem)

This is really directed to one person, but I’ll probably take that to my grave. Everything you need to hear and see is below as usual 😊.   Link to original post: U & I

Perceived Time (Audio Poem)

This is actually sweet, but when I think about who I had in mind it’s actually kinda sad… BUT ANWYAY. Everything is below 😊   Link to original post: Perceived Time

Berry – Spot of the Month

New month, new location. The socials are here as usual to be followed: Berry Instagram Page and the Berry Twitter Page. https://www.instagram.com/berry.dates/ The Spot of the Month for November 2019 is Go Ape  Go Ape is an outdoor adventure company which runs tree top ropes courses under the names Tree Top Challenge, Tree Top Adventure and…

Berry – S E X

Follow the Berry Instagram Page for new posts regularly. https://www.instagram.com/berry.dates/ We’re all adults here, so I think I should get right into this…though I don’t even know how to address this from a general perspective, so I’m just going to spin my view to that 😊. First and foremost you decide what you want to…