This is more for yourself, but this can still be applied to basically anything you’re trying to market. ATTENTION IS EVERYTHING, and the best way of getting attention is finding a gap in the market or going into something that is still relatively new so there isn’t a lot of saturation in that specific market….

Marketing Director (Advertising)

From this point on, most of the posts on this will be for my learning. I’m just going to try to interpret each aspect of marketing from my perspective (with the basic knowledge I have) and then go out and see how far off I am and continue to learn and expand my knowledge more….

Marketing Director #3

Today has been a good day (apart from the sun making me feel drowsy as hell) and I’ve learnt quite a lot over the course of the day. If I don’t get into a Marketing Executive role straight away, a viable option would either be through the form of an internship, apprenticeship or a graduate…

Marketing Director #2

After doing research the whole of yesterday I’ve boosted my knowledge on this field and how I’m going to climb to the top of tree becoming a director. From the research I’ve conducted, I’ve found out the starting point would be becoming a Marketing Executive (that can be branched into many different things) and progressing…

Marketing Director

Sooooo… I’ve failed Uni and I’m thinking of “a future” for myself because I’ve never really wanted to do anything or had an idea of what to do. After researching with trying to apply things “I’m good at,” combined with me having a good income and it drew me to the field of Advertising &…