Motivation #10

Jack Ma drops to many gems in this video for me to sum up in a paragraph. Especially for someone like me, a lot of things are relatable and I struggle to hold on to this mindset. Don’t rush young blood, you got all the time in the world.

Motivation #9

Get it by all means. If you’re already at the bottom take that chance to live for more because, in the end, you’re still going to be back where you started so there’s really nothing to lose, but there’s definitely a lot to gain.

Motivation #8

“Until you start believing in yourself you ain’t gonna have a life” START BELIEVING!

Motivation #7

I came across this video by accident and honestly it’s changed the way I look and approach things, and given me more of an insight of why the way we are. Usually when I watch these type of videos I just watch it, but this guy was giving so many gems and quotes I had…

100% You

Be True to Yourself No Matter What.

Motivation #3

This probably going to be my last one because I’ve kind of given up on myself now. But I had problems posting this beforehand so I’m going to post it now anyway.