My First (and only) Fight (Audio Story)

I’m not going to lie I think the written version makes this more interesting lol. But of course, it’ll always be linked, but here’s the audio version.   Link to original post: My First (and only) Fight

L’s For December 2019

You know I almost forgot to update y’all. You know when I said in my November L’s I think nothing will happen in December (which was kinda true). Well, one thing did happen which imma leave here in its entirety for you to see. One big L for Osi in December 2019.

I’ve Turned Into One Of Those People (Audio Blog)

Don’y you hate slow replies. Well, I’ve joined the club (but I’m trying to change, I promise).   P.S. I couldn’t find the message lol. Link to original post: I’ve Turned Into One Of Those People

My Parents (Audio Blog)

Hey everyone, I’m a bit low on “mood” (which you will hear), but I’ll let the audio to the talking. Link to original post: My Parents

Waiting… (Audio Blog)

I guess this one speaks for itself. Everything is down below anyway.   Link to original post: Waiting…

My Life (Part Two) [Audio Blog]

You know I had to come back with Part Two, but if you haven’t listened to Part One, you can right here: My Life (Part One) [Audio Blog]   Link to original post: Photo(s) Of the Day (My Life)

L’s For November 2019

What’s up to people. You’re probably expecting a flurry of risks and losses I’ve taken, but to be honest with you, I was bailing out on A LOT last month. But I did do something that I had needed to do for a while, to be honest, which was my first open mic! I don’t…


I released this a long time ago, but there was a couple of things wrong with it I let slide because it was the first song I ever recorded, so I was just proud I actually done it. With that being said, the new and improved re-mastered version in out on my YouTube channel, and…