“G” Poem

Games getting gory Gangsters got gruesome Great gamers got Godly gifts Gifts grand, grounding great gamers. Giving good games grants good goals, gazing gold Gargantuan greats gloat genetic G.O.A.T.S. Grateful generation giving groundbreaking gentlemen

“F” Poem

Freaky Friday facing friendly faces flocking followers falling from forces, Forces from feeling forgetful. Forgetting familiar faces Forgetting family friendships Forging fantastic flashbacks for future forms.   Fantastic fun finding fools fond for flings Fruitful films from Friday’s flex.    

“E” Poem

Extremely excited except ending expectations Embroiled expeditiously, Evolve eagerly. Engraved entity edging entitlement, Emotions exuberant, euphoric enthusiasm. Easy, Entity estranged elevating exact enemies energies, ending expected emotions, Easily evokes evil endings. I haven’t written poems in a while, so I would like to thank everyone who engaged with my most recent one, and a massive…

“C” Poem

Cars cramming cars, created crashes controlling commuters Cancellations come caving, catastrophe commences Cold calls coding, coordinating cruising commute Can’t cry, can’t cry, combustion cracking control crazy cats can’t contain civilians, choose control Cashing cheques, counting coins, catching cream can’t change Cool, calm, collected crazy commuters can’t come corrected. I’m starting to see that the further…

“B” Poem

Big booty babes battling bad barbies Bad barbies battling big bachelors battles born by betrayal, but bred by bedrooms boredom breeds betrayal, but barley births babies bathing bodies burning baddest boys, bubbling bright bubbles, baking beautiful beginnings Birds being born, beings back busy, bridging back bridges Burying bad bodies, back being beautiful Bad breeds bad,…