“G” Poem

Games getting gory Gangsters got gruesome Great gamers got Godly gifts Gifts grand, grounding great gamers. Giving good games grants good goals, gazing gold Gargantuan greats gloat genetic G.O.A.T.S. Grateful generation giving groundbreaking gentlemen


It has been such a long time since I’ve written a single piece of poetry, but I want to share something I did a while back. My cousin had a poetry club and invited me to the session (which happened to be the last) where the topic was about culture, in which we read many…

U & I (Audio Poem)

This is really directed to one person, but I’ll probably take that to my grave. Everything you need to hear and see is below as usual 😊.   Link to original post: U & I

Perceived Time (Audio Poem)

This is actually sweet, but when I think about who I had in mind it’s actually kinda sad… BUT ANWYAY. Everything is below 😊   Link to original post: Perceived Time

Trust Issues (Audio Poem)

I think this is beautiful, so you should hear it as well as read it.   Link to original post: Trust Issues

Free (Audio Poem)

Another audio of my written poems, and to be honest with you… I still ain’t free.   Link to original post: Free