Arsenal – Arsenal Board & Arteta (Audio Blog)

I had to add Arteta in since he has been appointed and has had his first game in charge. It also ties in with the board (as they appointed him), but here’s the last audio blog on this Arsenal crisis.

Arsenal – The Players (Audio Blog)

The players really need to take serious accountability for the situation currently. In this audio post, I shall be going through them individually and letting you know my thoughts on them.

Arsenal – Unai Emery (Audio Blog)

We’re back with another audio blog on the Arsenal crisis, and it’s only right to talk about Unai Emery’s short tenure as Arsenal manager next. Not much to talk about, but here are my thoughts on his time.   I forgot to add the song, but here it is lol.

Arsenal – Arsène Wenger (Audio Blog)

I feel like there doesn’t need to be an intro to my audio posts because it’s already in the audio, but I’m going to continue anyway. I skipped over this subject when I started doing my audio blogs, but I now feel it needs to be talked about. Like I said before, “structure,” so I…

Top 5 ArsenalFanTV Rants

Everyone knows ArsenalFanTV and how popular it has become for not just Arsenal fans but for everyone, so here are my top 5 videos from ArsenalFanTV, enjoy 🙂 5. Arsenal 0-3 Man City (DT) 4. West Brom 3-1 Arsenal (Troopz) 3. Arsenal 0-3 Crystal Palace (DT) 2. Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal (DT) 1. Bayern Munich 5-1…

Arsenal & Arsène Wenger

I should have posted this when they were on a run of four straight loses, but it doesn’t matter either way. When I was younger I supported Arsenal, had a real emotional connection with the club. If they lose I would be upset, and when they win, especially trophies it would sky rocket my mood…